Galaxy SplitterNew!
  • Galaxy Splitter: Blast off on a Space Mission

    Space is full of dangers and foes – are you brave enough to face them? Then accept the mission! Grab a spaceship and equip it with weapons and shields – you’re all set for interstellar battle! In classic vertical shooter fashion, you’ll blast your way through foreign galaxies and take on a host of boss enemies. Your missions in this shoot-‘em-up are as diverse as the ships in your hangar: will you pick the fighter, interceptor or destroyer? There’s an appropriate ship for every mission, from collecting lost cargo on a planet to clearing all opponents on the map. Play Galaxy Splitter now – an action game in an epic 3D planetary system!
  • Interstellar Shooter Action with Galaxy Splitter

    Here comes your mission: Liberate a galaxy from all manner of space scum and collect precious cargo! In this classic shoot-‘em-up, you’ll experience epic space warfare and thrilling boss battles. Will you accept this dangerous interplanetary task? If you do, we’ll supply you with tons of battle-tested ships. Choose between the plunderer “Sparrow” and the destroyer “Vulture” to complete your mission successfully. The missions you’ll receive from Captain Smith will require you to choose the right tool for the job. Take your pick from a variety of gathering or hunting missions and prove your skill in this vertical shooter. Blast off into your space adventure in Galaxy Splitter!
  • Galaxy Splitter: Retro Shooter in a 3D Package

    Intergalactic adventures await you in this vertical shooter! Pick a spaceship and embark on a mission of your choice: Will you collect lost cargo or chase after your foes on hostile planets? You’ll find the fitting ship for your endeavors in the hangar – you’ll just need to equip it with the right weapons, from blasters over plasma hurlers to laser miniguns. Protect your ship from enemy salvos with shields, and you’ll be able to face even the most dangerous bosses. On your journey through the galaxy, you’ll collect experience, power-ups, credits, and new equipment, allowing you to unlock even more ships and upgrade and expand your fleet. Teach your enemies the meaning of fear in Galaxy Splitter!

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